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What is You | World?

A community of online volunteers working on one project (or "challenge") at a time. Each challenge is a small step towards addressing a larger global problem.


How is it different?

The "challenge" concept offers You | World users a focused approach designed to achieve results. Our challenges:
  • Target one cause at a time
  • Are specific and measurable
  • Move beyond just monetary contributions
  • Engage the entire site community in support of a single goal
  • Offer a clear path to making a difference

Why should I join?

  • Become part of a global community working together to make a difference
  • Take action through measurable challenges and see the results of these efforts
  • Shape the direction of the site community's contributions to global issues
  • Volunteer online from anywhere and choose your level of involvement - spend 5 minutes or 5 hours and participate in any number of challenges
  • It's free!

Challenge 1: Vitamin Power

Collect vitamins for malnourished children in Peru.